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Ben Gallaher

Who is Ben Gallaher? Country boy from Pennsylvania. Rugged college boy from Nashville, Tennessee?
What if I told you, Ben Gallaher is soon to be the hottest thing in Country Music, if not already?
The man who was born and raised in the outdoor world, learned to play the guitar and drums by the age of six. The man who has been playing in Pennsylvania State Prison's for the past 8 years, keeping Johnny Cash's tradition alive. The one that plays lights out every time he walks on stage, having thousands of people screaming and up out of their seats. One of the last good ol' boys. Yeah, that Ben Gallaher!

Don't just take our word for it, let Ben tell who he is.


I'm from south-central Pennsylvania and grew up on 90's country music and the outdoors. When I'm not writing songs or on stage, I'm likely hunting or fishing. My goal has always been to write and play music that people can connect with and relate to.

When did you say, "Screw it, I'm Outy" and choose the path you did?

I started playing guitar at age 6 and from then on, all I've ever wanted to do is play country music. So I moved to Nashville when I was 19 and dove in. I've played in dive bars, big stages, and in prisons.

What were some obstacles you had trying to reach your goals?

When I moved to Nashville, I attended Belmont University to study Entertainment Industries while forming a band, booking my own shows, and renting a van for weekends on the road. I knew that I had to get out on the road and play to really learn how to work a crowd and start building my fan base. There's no book, article, or roadmap that can teach you those things except for just getting out there and doing it. I never had a plan B. I've always believed that if you have a back-up plan, then you're already telling yourself, "Hey this may not work out."

What advice would you give someone who's just starting out wanting to pursue the same path as you?

My advice would be to grow your fan base in your hometown and home state, and then make the move to Nashville. It's the country music hub and capital. It takes hard work, drive, passion, and talent, but it's also mental and truly believing in what you do. 

 What are your future plans with what are you currently doing. Any other cool things you have on your list? 

I just finished recording new music and planning to release soon! I'm fired up to get these songs out and play them on the road! 

Ben is an all around awesome dude. Humble as ever and a true country boy. You don't see that anymore in country music, but Ben is as authentic as it gets. He's fired up to get songs out to all his fans, so fired up that he released "Love You Like America" today! (June 28th).

Check him out down below or hit him up on instagram @ben_gallaher. Check out his website at Find his tour dates/locations, you won't want to miss this concert!

Thanks Ben! Truly an inspiration for authentic country and outdoors folks across the country!


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