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Mark Daniels Jr.

If you are a bass fisherman, have a TV, or follow anything outdoors on social media, you have most likely seen these three letters "MDJ".

A Bass fisherman from Tuskegee, Alabama. Mark as he continues to prove he is one of the best is a three-time tour-level winner who competed in both the FLW Tour and Bassmaster Elite Series before joining the MLF Bass Pro Tour, Mark Daniels, Jr. fished his way into the ranks of high-level professional bass events by winning the 2013 TBF National Championship.

Each time his boat hits the water Mark proves why he deserves to be here, but don't take our word for it. See for yourself!

We were able to sit down with Mark and get to know him a little more.

When did you say, "Screw it, I'm Outy" and choose the path you did?

I’ve been competitively fishing since the age of 12. Always wanted to make it a full-time career. In 2013 I was fortunate enough to win the TBF national championship, which afforded me the opportunity to compete on the FLW tour at no cost. They gave me a boat and a truck for the year, at that point is when I made the decision to pursue this fishing thing full-time.

What were some obstacles you faced when trying to reach your goals and how did you overcome them?

The biggest obstacle was the financial birding in competing in large tournaments. At the time I couldn’t afford to compete in big events, so I just finished smaller tournaments such as TBF (the BASS Federation) until I won the national championship.

What advice would you give someone who's just starting out wanting to pursue the same path as you?

The advice that I would give someone starting out is to never give up. I did not for fill my dreams until the age of 32 which some people may give up prior to that. Put your mind to something and pursue it wholeheartedly and never give up.

What are your future plans with what are you currently doing. Any other cool things you have on your list?

My future plans are to continue fishing competitively and strive to be great. I really would like to win angler of the year as well as the bass pro tour championship. Those are my short-term goals as of now.

Photo of Outy Obsession Co-owner Jordan Namuth with David Walker and Mark Daniels Jr. in 2017

Mark is an all around very humble and great guy. County boy as they come with an ongoing passion for fishing. Mark is as authentic as on can get. Our paths have crossed a few times and we can't wait for the next. 

Follow him on instagram @markdanielsjr or check out his Facebook page at Follow MDJ as he takes uson his next adventure chasing those green pigs.

Thanks Mark! You are truly an inspiration for authentic outdoor folks and fishermen across the country! #Stayouty


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