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Sergeant Marine Corps - Jerad T. Lucero 

By: Outy Obsession
April 2019

Outy Obsession’s spotlight highlights individuals that live their own Outy lifestyle. These individuals strive for greatness and go above and beyond to become the best version of themselves they can be.

Our first every spotlight, is focused on a true everyday American hero, Mr. Lucero. 

"My name is Jerad Lucero and I’m currently 25 years old living in Southern California (Oceanside) with my wife and daughter. I am a United States Marine and my primary job is a Motor Transportation Operator, but I have collateral duties such as a Recovery Team Leader, Non-Lethal Weapons Instructor, 2nd Degree Martial Arts Instructor Trainer, and a Military Operation Unit Terrain (MOUT) Instructor. My jobs are to train Marines to be more combat effective in any conflicts that arise around the world. My hobbies are engaged towards all outdoor activities that creates adventure, but challenging obstacles such as hiking, biking, and even swimming."

When did you say, "Screw it, I'm Outy" and choose the path you did?

"I was the normal high school kid that wanted a challenge and I fell in love with my first job - Jacksonville Fire and rescue Department Ocean Rescue. This was a challenging, but awesome opportunity to be part of an organization that not many people are willing to do. So the "Screw it, I'm Outy" was because I found another job that was even more challenging and caused me to have a different mindset of a lifestyle and not jot a job that people see as a place to show up to get paid. I love the different variety's of jobs I'm able to do and having the ability to lead and mentor people of all walks of life. It's a decision I will never regret because when I first aw the challenge I wanted to conquer it and this lifestyle of being a United State is still giving me challenge. Seven years under my belt and it still let's me know that I have a purpose to fulfill, more goals for myself and others around me."

What were some obstacles you faced when trying to reach your goals and how did you overcome them?

"Some of the problems I faced was having to wait to graduate high school to start my career and knowing that once I got done with boot camp, I had a whole new agenda in life. I knew I wasn't going to be able to come home every weekend or holiday period. This was a problem for me since I value family over anything, but sacrificing more then myself made it an easier way to transition away from my family especially since technology increased over the years, with skype and facetime. They were great ways to talk to family from the states when I was overseas. I overcame my main obstacle, which was getting that high school diploma and having to leave all my friends and family behind in order to become a United States Marine. Then knowing that I had to go through multiple hurdles, like graduating boot camp, my job, school, and then being shipped off overseas for two years without any family around. I took each obstacle one by one before moving to the next. I could be focused and advantageous to the specific task or mission that needed to be completed".

What advice would you give someone who's just starting out wanting to pursue the same path as you?

"If anybody wants advice and to pursue the career path that I’m on I’ll have to say understand that you are sacrificing more than just yourself, but your family too. It’s like having $86,400.00 in your bank account everyday and by the end of the day it goes away and replenishes to another $86,400.00. What would you do with that money every day? Well, there is 86,400 seconds in a day and its up to you to put 100% in everything you do every day even when the day is rough. I live by this because not every day is a given, so find your challenges and embrace them to achieve greatness for yourself and to represent your family name with honor and dignity."

What are your future plans with what are you currently doing. Any other cool things you have on your list?

"My future plans for what I’m doing is to continuously train my Marines to the best of my abilities and a pretty cool event coming up. I'm doing my 6th tough mudder here in Los Angeles (San Bernardino). I have a Pro Debut MMA fight coming up this year. I will see what my capabilities are in an Octagon, while people wonder what its like, i'll be able to have the experience first hand instead of just having the hearsay from it. And always growing with my little Family!"

Huge Shoutout to JT and his family for the support. Jt is an icon for anyone thinking about joining the military or anyone who is obsessed with overcoming obstacles.

In a few weeks, Jt is putting together a 90 day warrior program that we will put on our website just in time to get that summer body.

"I give this workout to people who actually want to change, because this program doesn't mess around. If you follow it to a T, I guarantee you will shred"
                                                     - JT

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