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Outy Obsession's Mission

Whats wrong with today?

There are hundreds of company's in this world, with a main focus to cheat someone just to save their bottom line and make a buck. People would rather step on someone instead of helping them out. As a society we can't get away from any of it, we can't go off grid without being tracked. We all have to have a cellphone, because our everyday life has changed and we depend on them. The housing market will continuously keep crashing and it seems like the entire world is at war. And all people care about is petty information that doesn't pertain to any of it!

The only real thing left in this world is activities like hunting and fishing or just being outdoors. It's definitely not like it used to be, but its still there. There as an option, an escape to get away from all of the everyday struggles the world throws in your face. It might be pricey from time to time, but at least the choice and option are yours to make. It's either you sit on your ass and pay attention to a 5 inch screen or you can get out and enjoy some of the few riches the world still has to offer.

Whats your escape?



Brandon Namuth

Brandon lives out in Chicago with his fiance and daughter. He travels all across the Midwest searching for the next thrill. You can catch him up in Minnesota ice fishing for eyes, or down in southern Illinois chasing monster whities!


Jordan Namuth

Jordan is the oldest Namuth brother, and is the one who taught Brandon everything he knows about the outdoors. He is involved in many outdoor organizations such as, Pheasants Forever, Duck's unlimited and has led many youth hunts within the community. Present day, Jordan currently resides with his family in Nebraska. Jordan worked as a Senior Art Director for the company Cabela's. Every design you see here on Outy's website, Jordan has designed it!



Seth, known as the Sasquatch of the group, towering in at 6'5" and 225 lbs.
He currently lives in Texas and partakes in hog control and much more hunting activities. He's usually back in Nebraska teaming up with a few friends hunting waterfowl, pheasants, and the occasional turkey.


Zach Moje

Zach Moje is located in Eastern Nebraska and the dude always fines time to get Outy. Co-owner of a construction company, oddly named Otte Construction, this dude can build and do it all!
You most likely will find Zach in a field chasing deer, building a mansion from the ground up, or having a casual day sitting back in his recliner watching football all day!
Overall, Zach and the Outy team go hand and hand!


Dylan Bartling

Dylan is by far the most "outdoorsy" of the group. Dylan grew up in Eastern Nebraska where he is part owner of a family pig farm. He is currently apart of the Varmint Violator's who aim to kill as many coyotes as they can. Dylan travels all across the US taken down elk, bears, hogs, or anything that walks.


Mason Leonard

Mason is by far the best looking one of the group. Mason resides in Western, NE where he helps manage one of the largest ranches in the Midwest. Noone loves to coyote hunt more than Mason, NOONE!
You can catch Mason usually with Jordan riding around in the Sandhills, looking for the next thrill or in Lincoln, tailgating the greatest football team in the land. GBR!

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